Space Burger Bounce

Space Burger Bounce is a game that Sunhyo Mastenbroek and I (Max Kruf) have made for a school assignment.
We had 2 lessons for this (8 ours total) and some time at home.

The game is about moving the guy through the space-station by bouncing between the handles and when needed, by farting… 😛
You can collect hamburgers to fart more and reach the end of the level.

The coding was done by me and the concept and art is made by us.
Sunhyo made most of the UI, animations and the art for it, and I did make the static objects and put it together in Unity. There is a basic level unlock system and Unity Ads are integrated (to get for example a extra ‘fart’.)

It is made for Android, but you can play the converted WebGL version here.

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