Pret met Zeemeeuwen (Fun with Seagulls)

Pret met Zeemeeuwen (Fun with Seagulls) is a game that is made for school, we had to make a game for new students in order to gain a better insight of the the course they could follow and to motivate them.
It was also the first game where we had to work together with the developers.

I made most of the walls/windows, particles, elevators and made sure that the assets where tiling and game-ready + I also made the shooting script.

Made by:
Art: Robbert-jan middelkoop, Larissa Aalders, Sunhyo Mastenbroek & Max Kruf.
Dev: Djordy Schenkenveld, Martijn Cuijk & Max Kruf.

It is made for Unity web player, but you can play the converted WebGL version by clicking here.

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